Hardware & Electrical SME information to avoid blind obedience

Hardware & Electrical SME information to avoid blind obedience

Hardware & Electrical SME information to avoid blind obedience

Chinese e-commerce development in recent years in promoting social and economic development plays an increasingly important role in the rapid growth of e-commerce is not only the industrys own volume of transactions, the number of users a significant increase in the rapidly expanding scale, but also to change the mode of traditional business management and production organization form, and to optimize resource allocation and operational management of the traditional industries, and thus have the strong support of national policy, into the large-scale development of the promising trends . Such a situation, including mechanical and electrical hardware and related industries, many small and medium enterprises also accelerated the pace of information technology, the times innovative marketing methods.

April of this year, the State Ministry of Industry issued the “electronic commerce” 12th Five-Year “development plan” put forward to 2015, the amount of e-commerce transactions quadrupling exceeded 18 trillion yuan. Recurrent application of e-commerce for SMEs reached more than 60% of the total number of SMEs. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also announced that this year will be carried out in the National Organization to “walk hand in hand, cooperation and win-win” as the theme of information technology to promote activities, carried out large-scale information technology training for SMEs, policy propaganda and case information,spin casting. improve power and capacity of SMEs application of information technology.


e-commerce platform to help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, expand market as well as innovative business model plays a very important role in many mechanical and electrical hardware SMEs try to e-commerce access to the sweetness, inevitably there will be many small and medium flocked to the phenomenon of competition for the network market share.

Although a number of mechanical and electrical hardware SMEs have to test the water e-commerce, the objective to promote the prosperity of e-commerce industry, many e-commerce platform and rapid development. enhance the opportunity of service. However, mechanical and electrical hardware enterprise itself is concerned, no matter how favorable environment for the development field, in the absence of “tailored” to carry out the necessary inspection, where appropriate, repeated verification, but only blindly follow the trend of blind obedience, and perhaps a time to harvest better effect, but the lack of rigorous study and planning for long-term development of enterprises is more dangerous.

It is reported that since 2005,jic fittings. start the SME Promotion Project so far, has gone through more than six years, although the relevant departments of information technology for SMEs to promote great support, but due to the large number of SMEs in China, the level varying, coupled with the enterprise and between regions and uneven development between industry, resulting in the overall level of SME informatization in China is still not high, there is still considerable The lack of correct understanding of the number of SMEs for e-commerce and enterprise information, unclear on how to make good use of IT to create value, which requires relevant departments through the typical demonstration, technical support and method of guidance for long-term guide.

high-speed e-commerce development, but the information construction of mechanical and electrical hardware SMEs themselves not be too hasty, different enterprises in the positioning, capital, technology, scale, and the core competitiveness and the target audience has the distinction, the level of demand for information technology are not the same. Mechanical and electrical hardware industry e-commerce platform is endless, the information services provided each with distinct characteristics, corporate copying of information technology experience, blindly follow the trend not only with limited success, but also a waste of resources.

electromechanical online Xiaobian the one hand, according to their actual situation, repeated visits, choose the most suitable for their own e-commerce platform. The other hand, enterprises should also do what, do not Zhigu wide net, to the neglect doing fine and stronger.