Hardware dealers line profit management, taking into account the manufacturers of the interests of both

Hardware dealers line profit management, taking into account the manufacturers of the interests of both

Hardware dealers line profit management, taking into account the manufacturers of the interests of both
The growing competition of the

market the more to further deepen the manufacturers of the hardware industry, the higher the requirements for the channels and networks. Channel precision farming, the development trend of lower center of gravity, the site of the hardware dealers more draw the smaller manufacturers are more and more requirements on dealers, capital, capacity, sincerity, management, contacts and Less; sales, display, promotion, marketing, distribution, were all essential.


hardware dealers spending more on the return and no corresponding increase in Do HyperTerminal to die, do HyperTerminal court death; do channel precision farming did not sales doing channel precision farming profit; no sales or promotion to promotion, doing sales and marketing did not profit. With the market refinement operation, the original were covered in large areas of the manufacturers in the case of the extensive management contradiction to the amount and businesses for profit finally broke out.

under the conditions of market competition, the profitability of the hardware industry in varying degrees of decline, and how to protect the dealers in the distribution process is relatively rich profit, a dealer in front of an important proposition.

now referred to the dealer profit management, many people tend to think only of how to improve dealer profits. Ever since, there has been a lot of practice does not meet the manufacturers position. The dealers really want to do profit management, taking into account the interests of both sides of the good manufacturers to achieve a win-win situation.


dealer profit from the source means roughly divided into two types: one is the normal profit in the cooperation and manufacturers; a market operations legitimate profit. Legitimate profits

dealers and manufacturers the process of cooperation, boost sales and operation of the market to achieve sales goals and market operation requires access to operating profit and manufacturers incentives, this part is called the dominant profit, including: off-season cast models make up the interest, to vote shall reward delivery incentives, monthly return, quarterly return, annual return, the number of outlets in reward, store image awards,casting sand. sales difference, etc.; or in the process of market operations to comply with the manufacturers of the system requires the operation of the market, in accordance with the manufacturers, the manufacturers cost of subsidies and incentives, this part is called the hidden profit, including: manufacturers of storage subsidies, transportation subsidies, venue fee , customer incentives, fuzzy rewards, costs of market protection, terminal promotional giveaways, newspaper and wide support.

improper profits of the dealers in the process of cooperation and manufacturers through illegal operations, disrupting the market (continued sent a letter to the online page content), interception policy profits earned by the way contrary to the manufacturers requirements, including: the closure policy, false charges, lied about the project, in different places of these goods, and the diversion of resources, contrary to the manufacturers pricing policies, reselling gifts defective charge authentic.

dealer profit management, can play space is limited. Must first follow the manufacturers of the price policy and regulatory framework for manufacturers to strengthen the terminal channel precision farming policy certainly should unswervingly implement the implementation of these actions will inevitably lead to rising costs, a decline in profit margins ; and unfair profits card of the dealer out in accordance with the manufacturers of the provisions of the dealers profits drop almost become a necessity. In order to maintain dealer loyalty and positive approach is to improve the profit situation, the most effective way to reduce operating expenses.

1, rely on a strong product portfolio and channel planning capacity, improve dealer network resources utilization.

products and network combination of any one dealer can not be perfect, there is always a strong product and channel. Dealers in the choice of product or planning channel, often considerable arbitrariness can not make the right choices according to their own situation. Make reasonable choices to maximize their own advantages.

2, through internal communication and access to factory support.


market development and expansion of the matter, after all,chinese steel. not just dealers, but rather in close collaboration with manufacturers.

hardware dealers to analyze local market conditions and business conditions, and manufacturers of high-level communication, and strive to support the market, naturally, be able to help dealers reduce operating costs to increase profits. The rapid decline in profit in the industry today, most of the profits of the dealers have been eaten by the high operating costs, and fruit dealers be able to secure the cost of support, profits will naturally have a larger change.


“Hee Hee, all benefits to; world Rangrang, are all benefits to the” dealer only do profit management, in order to make money to be able to enhance the enthusiasm, to realize their profit improvement.