Good service articles casting industry of Fujian to promote the healthy development of

Good service articles casting industry of Fujian to promote the healthy development of

Good service articles casting industry of Fujian to promote the healthy development of
CHEN Qi-ice, the eve of the Fifth Congress held

Foundry Association (hereinafter referred to as “Fujian casting Association”) in Fujian Province, Fujian, cast co-vice chairman and secretary general accepted the reporters.

Fujian cast co-general in June 2008 the four years since, the foundry industries and enterprises in Fujian Province in reform, innovation, exploration, development and perfection, to overcome the negative result of the world financial crisis impact, adhere to upgrade their technology, energy conservation and green cast, the casting industry has been rapid development. According to statistics, Fujian Province, casting production over more than 200 million tons, more than 2200 enterprises.

depth research proposed direction of development

CHEN Qi ice Secretary-General told reporters, casting enterprises in Fujian Province to adhere to the path of development of energy saving and green cast, the Fujian Provincial government departments at all levels and industry associations this work has always attached great importance.

from September 2008 to September 2009, casting Association, Fujian Province, the longest since the Association was founded, the most depth, the broadest, most comprehensive, most effective research on energy conservation and emission reduction . Visited various municipalities and districts in Fujian Province Economic and Trade Commission and the 44 counties (urban) Economic and Trade Bureau and the relevant association and the foundry industry, a field inspection of 300 casting enterprise to recover the energy saving of 200 casting enterprise questionnaire investigation The surface covers various aspects of the foundry industry. The research group also went to the province survey of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Botou Foundry Association and Ningbo Yinzhou District Government Policy Research, visited the 10 advanced casting enterprises. Through research, essential to find out the actual situation of the foundry industry in Fujian Province (including the direction of the main products, production capacity, the point scale, plant distribution, the level of technology and equipment, energy and material consumption,crown molding installation. emissions and industry existing problems) to the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission to submit on the foundry industry in Fujian Province of energy saving measures and recommendations “, pointed out the direction for reform and development of the foundry industry in Fujian Province.

to achieve a green cast, cast of sea sand waste management is a key link. 9 on the 29th August 2011, Fujian cast Concord Waste Management Center of Fujian Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, Economic and Trade Commission of Fujian Province and Fujian Province machinery linked to form a joint research group, represented the province in four cities (Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Putian) use and deal with the status quo of the old sea sand of 10 casting enterprises to carry out special research. CHEN Qi-ice the Secretary-General told reporters: conduct special research on the casting of sea sand waste, the daily management of the waste sand aroused the attention of the casting business leaders. It is recognized that the green cast, environmental protection, resource utilization, is the requirement of the times, the enterprise due responsibilities and obligations. “

expert for the enterprise diagnosis pulse According to the Secretary-General Chen Qi ice, casting industries and enterprises in Fujian Province for technical innovation work, especially the technology to enhance the diagnostic work very attention, Fujian Province Economic and Trade Commission also specifically this connection in the entire industry organizations, technology to enhance the diagnostic counseling.

2009, Fujian Machinery Industry Federation and Fujian casting Association of the provinces first 13 major casting backbone enterprises to implement technical upgrade work. Provincial Machinery Industry Federation and Fujian cast the Association is hereby established the Committee of Experts selected 13 key cast from the aspect of enterprise technology and equipment levels, quality management and testing system, talent development, technical resources and ability to innovate, environmental security backbone The enterprises were investigated diagnostic and upgrade. After two months of hard work, this fruitful LEG 13 casting enterprise technical diagnosis to enhance proposals, on-site counseling, and solve the problems of enterprises in the technology, quality 44 technology to enhance the proposed 74 20 major projects docking, summed up the common key technologies 9, to the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission proposed to accelerate the Fujian Province, casting industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and six recommendations to improve the technical level and ability to resist risks casting enterprises as well as the core competitiveness.

Sanming, Fujian Province, the old industrial base, there is a very solid industrial foundation, the provincial government major support from the casting and forging industry clusters and production base. In order to enhance the technological level of enterprises, improve product quality and competitiveness, to early December, mid-August 2010, Fujian cast co-organized by the provinces nine casting and forging expert implementation of technology to enhance casting and forging enterprises 12 Sanming diagnostic work. Solve the counseling enterprise technology and quality requirements of 41 experts in the work, the proposed upgrade and development proposals 36, in which docking of the major projects 17.

CHEN Qi-ice the Secretary-General said: “Sanming 12 attending casting and forging enterprises technology upgrading and directly benefit, but also to stimulate and promote the overall technology level of Sanming Prefecture, casting and forging industry agglomeration effect has been rendered, the leader gradually formed. “

technology to enhance diagnostic counseling work in the foundry industry in Fujian Province in full swing, and welcomed by the urban counties. Casting and forging enterprises technological innovation strategic alliance Sanming City, established in August 25, 2010, Fujian Province as the first technology innovation strategic alliance,directional control valves. the technological innovation of the foundry industry in Fujian Province has played a leading role.

constantly improve the industry chain

CHEN Qi-ice the Secretary-General told reporters: “Fujian cast compared with the level of domestic casting, and there are still a large gap between how to further accelerate the development in the future is still a long way to go.” < / p>

It is reported that the industrial structure was further optimized, Fujian cast co-efforts at its source, focus on foundry pig iron base construction. According to the of Fujian casting Association in 2009, the province gray iron castings production of about 1.92 million tons, Fujian Province, is a serious shortage of high quality cast iron province, for a long time, high-quality cast iron foundry enterprise, mostly from outside the province directly procurement in terms of quality and delivery, but there is a disjointed and poor supply and demand situation, to some extent, influence and restrict the development of the foundry industry. Casting Association, Fujian more than two years of efforts, in casting Association guidance, support and help the Fujian Tianzun new materials Co., Ltd. has been the Ministry of officially approved as a small furnace specialized in producing high quality cast iron base. The solution to the problem of the “rations”, laid the foundation for the development of the industry.

ductile iron foundry pig iron production in the past has been a blank of Fujian Province, completely provided by the provinces. Fujian casting Association in March 2010 to support the enterprises in Xiamen, Fujian Province Hercynian ductile iron foundry pig (Yi-hui) distribution distribution centers “. The center is currently Hercynians largest reserves of most (more than 200,000 t), the most complete variety of ductile iron, cast iron distribution center, run since it is high quality, competitive prices, timely delivery, to provide banking facilities service Fujian casting enterprises of all ages, and achieved good economic benefits, has played an active role in promoting industry development.

In addition, shortage of foundry personnel (professional and technical personnel, skilled workers), has significantly restricted the technological progress and development of the foundry industry in Fujian. Fujian casting Association, this organization has prepared Hercynian medium-and long-term foundry industry personnel demand forecast planning, including the urgent need of a shortage of professionals in planning and personnel training programs.

“for the enterprise, the industry, for government services is the main line of of Fujian cast co-work is a constant theme to accelerate the development of Fujian casting production, the Association will actively build a platform to promote industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading the promote Fujian casting industry bigger and stronger. “the Secretary-General Chen Qi ice.