Electrical equipment, new transformer product by the identification

Electrical equipment, new transformer product by the identification

Electrical equipment, new transformer product by the identification

power technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights of single-phase 100 kVA, the two-pillar structure of 1000kV UHV autotransformer product identification meeting held in Jinan, Shandong, and the smooth by the National Energy Board, the organizations identification of China Machinery Industry Federation. State Grid Corporation, deputy chief engineer Zhang Wenliang and headquarters departments and units directly under the leadership of Wei Qinghai, general manager of the electrical equipment company, attended the meeting. Mr. Lu, Vice Minister of Ministry of Machinery Industry, energy conservation and technology equipment, and equipment of the National Energy Board Director Wangshu Jiang, China Machinery Industry Federation, Executive Vice President Cai Ci, Southern Electric Power Research Institute senior engineer Zhao Linjie relevant leaders were invited to participate.

Meeting chaired by the Director of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the Office of the major equipment, call Shuqing Academician Zhu Yinghao of Shenyang University, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute Liu Jie, State Grid Corporation, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Technology and Equipment Department, Ministry of Industry and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Information Science Division, Jiangsu Electric Power Test Research homes, CSG EHV company,2012 cast. Southern Power Grid Institute of Science and Technology, Hubei Electric Power Test & Research Institute, China Power Investment Co., Ltd. and other relevant experts to attend the identification.

The transformer is the power equipment owned Shandong Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Following the successfully developed DFP-400000/1000 UHV transformer, another major achievement in the UHV equipment January 6th through the test, the parameters of optimal performance, marking the UHV transformer development task is satisfactorily completed.

Appraisal meeting, listened to the companys product development summary report to the appraisal committee, reviewed the identification information before the site visits and performance of random testing on. After careful discussion, the formation of expert opinion as follows: (1) identification of the drawings and technical documents submitted is complete and correct, unified, in line with the requirements of the technical appraisal can guide the production; product prototype by the routine test of the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center type tests and special tests, passing the test, the performance indicators in line with the requirements of relevant standards and technical conditions. Results of site sampling tests and qualified; 3. Product prototypes are currently the largest single column capacity 1000kV UHV transformer, structural design, excellent insulation properties, has Bureau lower, low loss, low noise characteristics; company production process. tooling equipment and complete testing means, with production conditions; company adopted a “standard one” management system certification.

Appraisal committee that: the product of the main technical performance indicators have reached international leading level.actuators valves. Agreed to by the identification of product technology can be put into production, with a hanging net operating conditions. Successfully developed, the

transformers marked in electric equipment company full control of 1000kV UHV transformer development, and manufacturing technology, to enhance the power equipment company in the field of research and development of major power equipment manufacturing The core competitiveness and innovation force, will provide more effective support for UHV power grid construction. 2012, electrical equipment company must complete the 卤 200 kV, 卤 400 kV, 卤 800-kV converter transformer product development tasks, and 卤 1100 kV converter transformer model, the 1000 kV AC Large Auto transformers, AC shunt reactor peace wave reactor research and development. Then, the electrical equipment will have to UHV AC and DC transmission of all major equipment R & D, design, manufacturing and testing capabilities.