Eight break level meter industry in China in technological development

Eight break level meter industry in China in technological development

Eight break level meter industry in China in technological development

Of automation control systems and field level gauge and key precision test equipment, with international standards in general are still a gap of 10 to 15 years. Chinas level gauge technology breakthrough required step Badaguan.

Modern industrial development of the level gauge, depends not only on the level of product technology, but also involved in engineering and applied technology. In recent years, a lot of monitoring and control equipment manufacturers, as well as thermal power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other departments of science and technology enterprise and engineering firm has been considerable progress in the application software development and systems integration technology, commitment to foreign control system and product engineering mastered a number of large works and installations of automation applications. Difficulties but with the foreign fieldbus SOLUTION, MIV, the EPC technology and engineering assembly way of development of automatic control systems and on-site level meter into the large-scale projects will further increase.

Breakthrough: to improve the digital, intelligent, level of integration

modern industrial magnetic flap level gauge technical characteristics and trends of digital intelligence, networking and integration, while the majority of our products are generally conventional varieties, smart products has just started. Integrated nuclear power control systems and level gauge, for example, due to a weak foundation, into the digital control technology era, the gap bigger. The breakthrough

: improve product reliability

modern industrial glass tube liquid level gauge of the general characteristics of high reliability, high performance, high-availability , most of the products of Chinas enterprises with foreign products, the gap is in this context.siding home. For example, our own research and development of distributed control system DCS and electromagnetic flow meter, the basic performance and functionality of these products have been close to international standards, but gaps still exist in terms of reliability and engineering ability.

Breakthrough: to improve the high-tech

foreign smart actuators frequency control, new motor, low public consumption, miniature piezoelectric ceramic I / P converter, Bluetooth communications technology, intelligence and field bus technology, and has only just started. Breakthrough four

: products precision more precision

to the mass flow meter for example, foreign measurement accuracy is divided into four grades, the highest accuracy and capable of measuring gas for 0.1, the most common of 0.15, while the current only to the economy of 0.2 and 0.5 apply to type. Another example of the measurement of liquid level gauge at the gas station general .. 5% accuracy, but the foreign oil tankers of 300,000 tons to the accuracy of our delivery to the 0.1%.

Breakthrough: the rich varieties of specifications

high-precision intelligent pressure / differential pressure transmitter for example, domestic transmitters measure the benchmark range on lack of 1kPa below the micro-low pressure, high-differential pressure range 800kPa above 16MPa high static pressure, corrosion and other specifications of products, so the special requirements of the application of some of the works or system can not meet.

Sixth: the expansion of high-end products share

our high-end products, or even blank. For example, by atomic absorption spectrophotometer abroad Zeeman background correction of high-grade instrument, the country has not yet been developed, high-end mainly rely on imports. Breakthrough seven

: improve automation degree

such high-performance photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, the vacuum degree of the foreign instruments by the computer real-time monitoring, while the domestic instrument in many aspects still require manual operation. Breakthrough eight

: improve the

of the market share of programmable logic controller PLC, for example, the current Chinese PLC market more than 95% occupied by foreign products. European and American products in the field of medium-sized PLC has an absolute advantage, the advantage of Japanese products in the field of small PLC, South Korea and China Taiwans products have a certain market share. Local brands in China PLC market impact is very small, it is difficult to create economies of scale. Magnetic level gauge market is also as described above.