During the second five of the machine tool manufacturing industry development trend

During the second five of the machine tool manufacturing industry development trend

During the second five of the machine tool manufacturing industry development trend
The second Five-Year Development Plan of the machine tool industry, including remanufacturing, including green manufacturing projects into the main scope of work. Green manufacturing is to minimize the negative impact on the environment and raw materials, energy efficiency of the most modern manufacturing model. of

in recent years, green manufacturing in the international machine tool industry is gradually increased. Especially since the financial crisis, major machine tool manufacturers have vigorously develop high and new technology, increase the intensity of R & D investment, upgrade to prepare for the next round of industry in the post-financial crisis era. According to the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui more than 300 specialized in machine tool remanufacturing enterprises to large multi-purpose machine tools, gear cutting machines, metal cutting machine tools manufacturing, and the establishment of a comprehensive after-sales service and quality assurance system. In Germany, since 1991 the Government has provided grants to support electromechanical manufacturing, to help enterprises and universities, research institutions to expand remanufacturing work. In recent years, Japan has also strengthened the intensity of engineering machine, there are at least 20 manufacturing companies.

DMG, Mazak, GF Agie Charmilles, Sri Lanka Fulin Group, represented by world-renowned machine tool manufacturers in recent years introduction of high-efficiency, high precision, low-power machine tools, and much to customers, but also set a good example for other small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers, green manufacturing operations.

situation of China decided to implement green manufacturing

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China the existing machine population of 800 million units, which is the largest country in the world on the machine ownership.bell foundry. Traditional old machine serving more than 10 years over two million units, has entered the peak period of the machinery and equipment scrapped. If we allow these old machines rusty fester, not only a waste of resources, but also pose a great threat to the environment.

five-second period, China will adhere to environmental protection, independent innovation, industrial development, a strong advocate of green development strategy, continuously push forward the development of ecology, the use of capital flow and efficient , the intensification of the production process to minimize pollution emissions. Luo Baihui said, in order to respond positively to the Twelfth Five of the call, the pollution of the environment of high energy-consuming products will be shut out, or sanctions to be heavy taxes, low-carbon economy, green manufacturing technology research and application, and grasp the future direction of economic development has become into the international market. Domestic machine tool companies should take immediate action, the manufacture of low-carbon, green concepts into future development planning.

resources and cost control requirements of the Green Manufacturing

resources and corporate cost control, machine tool industry itself, but also on the remanufacturing strong hope that the machine tool industry upstream steel industry, iron ore, coke and other steel-making raw materials are non-renewable natural resources, but also Chinas major steel mills required for iron ore depends on three major foreign mining giants in recent years, subject to the soaring price of iron ore, steel prices are high, the downstream machine high cost of doing business, therefore, the machine manufacture both good for the environment is also conducive to enterprise lower costs.

remanufacturing compared with the manufacture of new products, energy savings of 60%, 70% of the material-cost savings of 50%, almost no solid waste, emissions of air pollutants decreased more than 80%. Remanufacturing is conducive to the formation of resources – products – waste products – remanufactured products of circular economy mode, you can leverage our resources and protect the ecological environment. On the other hand, the China Machine Tool and social ownership in the rapid growth of the remanufacturing industry has great potential. A lot of equipment reached end-of-life requirements will be eliminated, and the new retired equipment is still a substantial increase. Development to manufacturing industry is conducive to the formation of the new economic growth point for the community to provide a lot of employment opportunities.

machine manufacturers green manufacturing in action

domestic has many universities and research institutions to carry out research in the field of green manufacturing, and have achieved certain results. Such as Chongqing Machine Tool Group, jointly with the Chongqing University, formed a set of machine tool manufacturing and to enhance the set of technologies, completed over 500 units of used machine tools to manufacturing, remanufacturing the machine functions and the main technical indicators meet or exceed the original machine, resource cycle The utilization rate of about 80%, lower noise and more than 10%, more than 90% reduction in environmental pollution emissions.

CIMT2011 exhibition on green manufacturing products to become a major highlight of the show. More traditional filtering devices such as Qinchuan machine developed by the electrostatic suction fog devices, the treatment effect of the oil mist has greatly improved the efficiency of more than 96%, the exhaust air to achieve the basic cleanliness, and the recovered oil mist particles get repeated recycling. Chongqing Machine Tool R & D YS3126CNC-CD CNC high-speed dry cut hobbing machine, to ensure efficient, high-quality, high tool life and high reliability at the same time, because does not require cutting fluid green features favored by many users. At the 13th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show, exhibits a number of green manufacturing and technology has also become the focus of the exhibition, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries exhibited GE15A ultra-dry cutting high-precision CNC hobbing machine, without coolant, the work environment is very small; metal cutting, which saves raw materials, but also greatly improve work efficiency.


four kinds of technical measures to achieve the Green Manufacturing

Recently, the China Machine Tool Industry Association Deputy Secretary of Li Jingming long said that the traditional thinking and modes of production are undergoing profound changes, a green industrial revolution is Wai-yin, the rise of the machine tool industry. Chinas machine tool industry is currently four technical measures to green manufacturing: low-carbon technological innovation to achieve; through innovative processing technology to achieve low-carbon; through innovative structure to reduce the material to achieve low-carbon; through the recovery and self-lubricating materials to achieve low emissions.


through innovative structure to reduce the material to achieve low-carbon, Li Jingming example, such as the current, Seiki grinder Ltd., Tianjin,butt weld fittings. Chongqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and some machine production of large-scale machine tools, the main structure of the framework structure of the double wall mechanical structure of theoretical analysis and carefully make reasonable arrangements to get the best, with a minimum of material stiffness. In addition, Li Jingming, who separated automatic recovery, dust collection as self-lubricating material application, the less oil lubrication and other technical measures are widely used to reduce emissions, reduce the impact on the environment.

Twelfth Five start green manufacturing engineering

International Mold & Die Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association The Secretary-General Luo Baihui that five-second period, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, defense and military machine tool user industries and the new rise of the new energy, new energy vehicles, and other strategic emerging industries in the next five years will have a greater and faster development.

At present, the international machine tools and manufacturing technologies are constantly developed. On the basis of the high-speed, complex, intelligent, environmentally friendly technology, with control technology, computer technology, information technology, combination of products to high-efficiency, high-precision, flexible, integrated and high reliability direction, appears to multi-spindle, multi-axis composite machining, and complete sets of equipment automation direction development trend.

at this stage of Chinas high-end products close to or reached the international advanced technical level; domestic high-grade CNC machine tools in the domestic market dominant position in the aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment and key components such as the processing of the substantive application; grasp the core of intellectual property rights, international competitiveness and influence of machine tool enterprises (groups); and has cultivated a group of internationally renowned domestic brand.

twelve five during the machine tool industry must be strategically focused, clear the main direction of further speed up structural adjustment and changing patterns of development, to create conditions and environment for industry, health and sustainable development . Should focus on developing products and technologies, in addition to four hosts, features and machine tool accessories, high-end CNC systems, cutting tools and measuring measuring instruments, abrasives, superhard materials and products are also planned in; major technological research the basis of generic technology research and key technologies.

Twelfth Five green manufacturing projects aimed at developing low-carbon recycling economy, green manufacturing to minimize the negative impact on the environment and raw materials, energy and other use efficiency to meet the highest modern manufacturing model. Machine tool for both high-performance, high efficiency, but also to conserve resources, low energy consumption. The green machine tool research work, study and formulate the standards of the green machine tool design and evaluation.