Dong Jing- supporting independent research and development of domestic machine tool industry needs to open up the platform and high quality provider

Dong Jing: supporting independent research and development of domestic machine tool industry needs to open up the platform and high quality provider

Dong Jing: supporting independent research and development of domestic machine tool industry needs to open up the platform and high quality provider

– visit the Danaher Motion, General Manager Mr. Dong Jing

movement to control the market heat, but heat does not mean that the amount now how much, but for the market, the worlds attention in China, where growth is fast and very large market potential. The motion control market in North America has been in operation for many years, the market is more mature; in the country in terms of, although the market has been some time, but is still relatively initial stage. The same time, we stand on a global point of view, motion control technology, the fastest growing in the Asia, intra-Asian biggest bright spot is China.

we look at the global motion control market,malleable iron. in large part on the machine. CNC machine tool market is approximately accounted for half of the global motion control, or even more. Domestic CNC machine tool industry is developing very fast, I was impressed. Years ago, I dedicated Siemens work in China when the CNC market. When the Chinese machine tool factory in the production of manual machine tools, CNC machine tools is only a high-end positioning of the research and development topics. However, this time I returned to China to work again after seeing a lot of domestic machine tool plant has been transformed into a major production of CNC machine tools. The core of CNC technology in the country doing well, such as Guangzhou, NC, NC Central. Domestic CNC machine tools for active demand will inevitably bring about the field of motion control components products. Motion control technology, on the other hand, in the current application of the domestic generic market (GMC market), relatively speaking, weak. The generic market is more than special machinery, such as electronics manufacturing complex motion control design. High-end packaging machinery, printing equipment, etc., in the field of design and manufacture of special machinery, the design side is often not in China, while the domestic market is only the beginning stages.


many domestic manufacturers is now aware of the importance of innovation. They have to develop a set of independent property rights, itself able to master the internal control system needs. This requires someone to provide supporting products and platforms. Because the country is still a whole, the learning stage, lack of experience in flexible applications. In this case, one aspect of Danaher Motion and domestic firms to actively cooperate; the other hand, Danaher Motion need to build a very capable team. Danaher Motion engineers to understand this industry, they are able to complete their design provides great support for the users team. This is some more work done than we in the U.S. and European markets.

servo manufacturers, CNC manufacturers, machine tool manufacturer, they each have their own strengths, and their respective value. Danaher Motion to do is provide them with a hardware and software development platform. CNC development in China is gaining momentum,what is investment casting. but its own core technologies, core technology is a monopoly in the hands of individual international manufacturers. This is the biggest worry of the Chinese machine tool enterprises. Domestic machine tool manufacturers technical difference is not too much, somewhat similar to the PC industry. Many PC manufacturers, but as a core device, the CPU is Intel, the control system is Microsofts. As a PC manufacturer, how you can highlight the features and advantages of it? Is a successful example of the famous Apple computer. Danaher Motions mission is to provide to the OEM or CNC manufacturers the highest quality hardware and software development platform to help them design their own independent intellectual property rights embedded in it. Only in this way, mastered the core technology users to be able to truly let his product with the products of others different from his own design will reflect his own competitive characteristics and competitive advantages. In order to stand out from the homogenization of the competition to become the Apple of the machine tool industry.

OEM machine tool manufacturers, there is a very important topic is the human-machine friendly design. That is a good control system design engineers how to put your design ideas, through man-machine interface, or CAD / CAM systems, machine operators intention to convert well into a machine can understand the language and executed. We hope that Danaher Motion domestic developed CNC OEMs of the system of interest, including the existing domestic CNC developer and manufacturer of a closer cooperation.

it comes to the face of current global U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered a widespread negative impact, I do not think it will affect Chinas machine tool industry. For the machine tool industry, is a domestic demand and the country. Machine Tool Associations annual report, each year we produce machine tools, especially in high-end CNC machine tools, the export volume is not great. Each year, we imported a large number of machine tools but also from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, as well as Japan, Taiwan, is a machine tool consumption, the spending power, even more than Chinas machine tool production capacity. Especially at the high end.

the U.S. subprime mortgage crisiss impact on the global economy is obvious. If the domestic demand level analysis of the impact of the existence of? The answer is yes, which also includes part of the investment of U.S. businesses in China. But I think for the Chinese economy as a whole, or will continue to stabilize the growth of We look ahead to next year, the country has considerable room for growth. The worst estimates, even if the Chinese machine tool market is really tightening relatively Europe and the United States machine tool market, inevitably a small lot of this understanding is cautious optimism.