Domestic plastic machinery industry development is very rapid momentum

Domestic plastic machinery industry development is very rapid momentum

With the development of Chinas plastics industry in recent years, the momentum of development of the domestic plastic machinery industry is very rapid growth rate remained at around 30%. But people slightly awkward compared with the rapid growth of data, the weakness of the competitiveness of domestic plastic machinery industry is gradually exposed.

Well known as an important technology and equipment, plastics processing machinery is widely used in building materials industry, packaging industry, electrical appliances, electronic information industry, agriculture, automotive and transport industry, light industry, petroleum chemical industry, various departments of the machinery industry, defense industry, national economy and peoples lives in various fields increasingly shows an extremely important role in the national economy.

However, according to statistics, over the past decade, Chinas plastics machinery industry, the highest year of sales of 28 billion yuan, an annual average less than 14 percent of the world in the export market accounts for only 6%. More than 50 percent of the domestic market share of imported equipment occupation. Especially dominant in the production of certain products imported equipment, such as heat-resistant PET washing line of production in China, almost all imported equipment; high-end film production equipment is all the introduction of the production line.

How to change the status quo less competitive in the domestic plastic processing machinery industry undoubtedly is particularly critical. International Plastics Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui suggested that domestic plastic processing machinery industry must continue to increase value-added products in order to break through the bottleneck of the development of low to imitate and to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to high-end, and subsequently enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry as a whole.

International Plastics Association Secretary-General Luobai Hui pointed out that, compared with the world advanced level, the domestic plastic processing machinery industry in terms of quality stability, degree of automation, there is a certain gap. The data show that Chinas annual imports a variety of presses for tens of thousands of sets, imported plastic processing equipment valued at approximately twice the output value of domestic plastic machinery. Thus, the foreign advanced plastic machinery manufacturers technically has a clear competitive advantage.