Dispensing machinery manufacturing 12 five Raiders

Dispensing machinery manufacturing 12 five Raiders

Dispensing machinery manufacturing 12 five Raiders

Eleventh Five-Year period, Chinas total dispensing machinery manufacturing and sales than the same period increased, industry, technology is maturing, we can say, hand dispensing machinery manufacturing industry to the Eleventh Five-Year were satisfied with the answer sheet. 12 five arrival, dispensing machinery industry how to continuation of the Eleventh Five-Year Development? What is the goal of

First you want to clear the dispensing machinery manufacturing industry in the second five? Enhance the capacity of infrastructure and supporting, and improving innovative capacity, and further optimize the industrial structure and, ultimately, the scale of the industry reached a new level. Form a complete dispensing machinery industry, basic grasp of high-end equipment manufacturing technology and the industrial competitiveness advanced in the world. 2020, dispensing machinery sales revenue accounted for in the equipment manufacturing industry increased to 25% of industrial value added rate increase of 2 percentage points from the end of the 12th Five-Year and dispensing machinery manufacturing industry to cultivate the national economy one of the important support industry.

The combined effect of dispensing machinery manufacturing is to integrate with each other, work closely with a small risk, complementary advantages, which closely rely on the formation of regional industrial chain as a whole upgrade. Dispensing machinery manufacturing industry to adhere to the focus and characteristics of the strategic orientation, and actively promote the advantages of the region of the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta pioneered the development, foster a number of world-class companies with intellectual property rights and famous brands; to promote the development of central and western characteristics construction of high-end equipment manufacturing characteristics of the industrial chain; to accelerate the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, information, intelligence, integrated into a breakthrough, and built high-end equipment manufacturing R & D base with international advanced level.

Authorities revealed that the state will increase the financial and taxation policy support, vigorously implement the transformation, focus on strengthening technological innovation, optimize the industrial structure, highlighting the quality of brand building, increase the intensity of market cultivation , strengthen the development of qualified personnel to enhance the level of cooperation with foreign Continue to implement existing dispensing machinery and equipment and infrastructure and taxation support policies; prepared dispensing machinery manufacturing key technology and product catalog, support dispensing machinery manufacturing business transformation and upgrading, development of high-end equipment; to encourage the support of eligible high-end dispensing machinery manufacturing companies listed on the tilt guide the venture capital and equity investments to high-end dispensing machinery manufacturing; encourage financial leasing companies to carry out high-end equipment financing and leasing business.

In recent years,carbon steel tubing. dispensing machinery manufacturing industry has formed certain scale of the industry. But relatively also developed countries, Chinas dispensing machinery manufacturing innovation capability is weak, the core technology and key components of the control of others; basis of supporting capacity development lag, equipped with a host facing a “shell”; low reliability, high industrial chain the absence of side; small industrial scale, the market to meet the low; industrial system is not perfect, and related infrastructure, the service system has lagged far behind.

Must be from infrastructure, industrial structure, economies of scale, technological innovation, national policies in five aspects, proceed side to allow the dispensing machinery industry during the second five continuation of the Eleventh Five the victory. Shenzhen Teng adopted Chau Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a set design, production, installation and commissioning, and maintenance of integrated automation of new enterprises, and production for the LED industry to a series of automated equipment, the main products are LED module filling glue, LED lamp irrigation machines and irrigation machines for power, resistance,cast iron irons. piston pumps and other dispensing, plastic irrigation equipment, such as automatic dispenser, automatic dispenser, two-fluid dispensing machines, precision dispenser, online dispenser, desktop dispenser and so on. Company of the purpose of customer service, social services, to the customers, to address the recruitment difficulties encountered by customers in production, management difficulties. Equipment has easy to learn, easy to operate, run error, and plastic volume control is accurate, and adaptable equipment, apply to the major small and medium enterprises. The company also based on the different needs of customers, providing the best solution, the maximum to meet customer demand, providing customers with the most quality service. Good service for customers to worry about is a good choice for small and medium enterprises to factory automation.