Dasi 11 foundry companies to take power outage rectification

Dasi 11 foundry companies to take power outage rectification

Dasi Township Administration Squadron innings, Dasi supply, casting enterprises in the town within the scope of carrying out special safety checks.power supply wire.

Dasi Total casting enterprises and more than 220, the universal scale of these enterprises are small, relatively backward production technology and technical equipment, lack of technological transformation and innovation, many enterprise infrastructure management is weak, the security capacity strong. In response to this situation, the safe production responsibility system of the inspection group of enterprises to implement safe operating procedures to implement, safety training,electrical plug adapters. emergency management, field operations, prevention, security, facilities and other examinations were conducted. The same day, the inspection team inspected 18 enterprises, and enterprises to adopt the 11 security ledger is not up to standard, equipment and facilities protection in place, electrical wiring and private pull random access and other issues wind up its power measures, and shall order rectification.

It is reported that a large town will set up a special foundry industry service center investigation thoroughly, one by one within the jurisdiction of the foundry industry, enterprises refusing to implement the corrective instruction and there is no rectification in place on schedule, according to its penalties, a return visit to the enterprise has been shut down to prevent the resurgence phenomenon.