Construction machinery enterprises to enter the 100 billion sales target

Construction machinery enterprises to enter the 100 billion sales target

Construction machinery enterprises to enter the 100 billion sales target

Chinese construction machinery enterprises to enter the contest of one hundred billion sales target has been started, the five companies raised one hundred billion of sales revenue goals, 11 targets total of 600 billion yuan.


2010, the construction machinery industry is very strong growth momentum, a time, Sany Heavy Industry in Shandong, XCMG, Zoomlion, Liugong Group have said more than 100 billion yuan sales revenue in the “12th Five-Year Dynasty, the cumulative sales of the other 11 groups of large enterprises will reach 600 billion yuan.casting calls.

Chinese construction machinery enterprises to enter the one hundred billion sales target for the competition have already began.

three external factors

according to the statistics of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, As of the end of November 2010, the construction machinery industry revenue growth of nearly 50% of annual revenue stability over 400 billion yuan, this is the giants have put forward the “hundreds of billions Group emboldened to. The future development trend of the industry, we will combine the three external factors to analyze.

encourage promotion of the national macro-policy.

in the future, the the

Chinese construction machinery industry will certainly be a merger and reorganization process. This is consistent not only with foreign precedent, it is precisely the direction and encouraged by the state is consistent.


construction machinery industry, “Twelfth Five-Year Plan to encourage industry restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, requiring elimination of backward” to the market competition mechanism, control low-level redundant construction projects land and the construction project for approval, proposed to the “12th Five-Year” end of the sales volume of Chinas top 100 construction machinery enterprises to more than 85 percent of the industry-wide “culture” carrier international well-known companies. ” In fact, the engineering machinery enterprises are actively engaged in the acquisition, merger and acquisition activities,tube and fittings. such as Sany Heavy Industry in the acquisition process is to achieve product diversification, in addition to the field of construction machinery, but also into the new energy field.

second key factor is the real estate control policy. Since April 2010, the real estate control policies have been put forward. Present situation, the policy is expected to achieve the effect of a big gap. Next year policy to stop, real estate investment will rebound in the construction machinery industry is a good news.

next year if the policy continued, the impact of the construction machinery industry is very large, the loss of investment in real estate who is going to make up?

third external factor is the soil of the development of infrastructure construction.

infrastructure in the investment growth, and infrastructure construction provides fertile soil for the construction machinery industry. Water Resources and Hydropower: After the big floods of 2010s severe drought, our security and water storage capacity of small and medium-sized water conservancy facilities in the western region highlights Chinas water conservancy facilities, the construction of fixed assets investment in the next two years will be about 30% growth rate of growth; Highway: Chinas highway mileage is only 1.75% of the total mileage of highway space for future development is relatively broad; Railway: According to the “12th Five-Year Plan, the next five years, railway investment in fixed assets will reach about three trillion, an annual average remained at around 600 billion.

to these investments will enable the construction of infrastructure in China continue to maintain a certain investment strength. Due to the high correlation of the construction machinery industry development and investment in fixed assets, it is foreseeable that the construction machinery industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. The


a lot of one hundred billion slogan, but also contains a significant risk.

since targeting 100 billion goal, we must expand the production capacity, increase the investment in fixed assets, and additional staff. All of these decisions are based in the economic blowout development on the basis that in recent years the rapid development of the next few years, whether the industry can maintain a great growth? Not necessarily.


monetary policy basically set the tone for sound, 2011 is bound to control credit credit growth far exceeded expectations in 2010. Moreover, the National 4 trillion investment has also been drawing to a close, if the 2011 can not maintain the investment of such intensity, downstream infrastructure needs will be reduced, the industry is highly likely that overcapacity, the direct consequences of the industry into the era of low-price competition .

technical bottlenecks can not be ignored: the localization of key components is lagging behind, the vast majority of hydraulic parts, the transmission system needs to be imported from abroad. Capacity expansion at the same time, the imported components more dependent on foreign parts suppliers supply cycle is too long and lack of supply will become another factor constraining the development of the industry.