Concentrated research and development Shandong huayun eras butterfly

Concentrated research and development Shandong huayun eras butterfly

from 2004 for the Hawk can be machine-related patents so far, has passed eight years in eight years time Shandong huayun Electrical and Mechanical Technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as “Shandong the Huayun”), chairman of Mr. Zhao Xianhua led to devote themselves to technological innovation and research and development of their own R & D team, in Shandong huayun have this statement: “Innovation is life. Experienced a long period of accumulation, has 46 patents for inventions in 2012, Hua Yunhao g machine has finally become a butterfly, the official in front of everyone and opened the era of metalworking Haoke.

What is “Hawk”? This may be a first contact with the “Hawk” people want a. “As we all know, before the era of CNC machine tools is the era of general machine tools, but is Hawk pole + machine era. Haoke we can simply be understood as a kind of energy, electrical energy input machine, through the energy the generator change Haoke, and then the energy output through a dedicated the Haoke tool for the cutting of the workpiece. “we doubt, Zhaoxian Hua, chairman of a more popular explanation,” the face of high domestic lack of side technology, equipment homogenization of serious, blindly price competition and many other issues, Hawk ultra-pole + machine said to be a landmark. “the courage to speak the words of such a domineering,cast of friends. Zhao chairman has full strength and full of confidence. It is understood that, Hawk can not only be able to make parts of the roughness (Ra ≤ 0.2) a substantial increase above the level, more importantly, can more than double the fatigue life of parts, the microhardness increased by 20% or more, wear increased more than 50%, the corrosion resistance increased by more than 40%.

“At present, has more than 300 domestic and foreign enterprises to buy the Hawk can be ultra-pole + machine and when it is used in conjunction with the mining machinery, mold equipment plane for different industries, they can become, so that the Hawk can be super-pole + machine applicable scope is very broad, almost all mechanical parts can be processed. “ultra-pole + market prospects of the machine tool applications for Haoke Zhao Directors very optimistic about the long, and continue efforts to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the Huayun Haoke Industrial Park and Hawk Research Institute is investing in and establish a three-tier matrix marketing services network, I believe the near future, customers can Huayun here to get a better overall solution, a more satisfactory service. “

in CIMES exhibition on the current, Huayun is to bring a The hauck can composite grinder and a Hawk screw machine, if you want to experience the Hawk ultra-pole + machine magic, you can personally walked into their booth to take a look.