CIMES 2012 Walter tool new products

CIMES 2012 Walter tool new products
(1) silver tiger blade
very large new silver tiger blade coating the coating micro-structural changes, so that the blade of the Silver Tiger (Tiger.tec Silver) both PVD coated sharp and wear resistance of the CVD coating, processing more efficient and economical. The blade groove design of the series of special, general-purpose chip-breaking region increases, so that the chip breaking is more fluid and fast; the blade cutting edge micro-processing, greatly enhance the resistance to flank wear or plastic deformation performance; groove changes makes longer life of the blade, processing more efficient, especially suitable for machining steel.
Silver tiger car blade WPP10S (ISO P10), WPP20S (ISO P20) WPP30S (ISO P30) three grades, respectively, corresponding to different processing conditions, the specific groove is divided FP5, MP3, MP5, and RP5 corresponding to different depth of processing and feed, and can cover the entire steel machining range of applications. (2) XD solid carbide drill

Walter the – Ditaikesi (Walter Titex), XD drilling depth of up to 70 times the diameter . You can use a process to drill deep hole without the need for retraction, the cooling of the cooling hole. Drilling depth, but do not require any special cooling device,resin supply. only standard cooling device (one for each processing center can provide) enough. Machine less demanding, cold pressure within the lower self-20bar can be used can be applied to export-inclined plane and the through hole processing occasions.
(3) the Confit modules entire hard cutter
Walter also introduced a high cutting efficiency of the new cutter head the – Conefit “shovel solid carbide modular tool. “Spade type” double-edged cutter modular rough by repression, apply to copying milling, plunge milling, chamfering, drilling and centering holes and milling locating surface is the perfect choice for customers of the large chip removal slot. Due to a high degree of flexibility, the product is generally applicable to the processing of applications in just two blade. “Spade type” cutter with the tip of the arc of the cutter, due to its special front groove, very good at plunging. For different applications, a variety of shank for the selection.
(4) PCD cutters – F4050
launched for the aluminum alloy milling the new structure of the F4050 cutter, the cutter body is made of high strength aluminum alloy with PCD cutting edge knife axial runout adjustable. The F4050s design reduces the flywheel effect, better resistance to surface abrasion of the hard oxidation treatment, the use of welding diamond tip, processing more efficient. The smaller knife block size, which can be arranged in the same diameter of the cutter body more cutter and the formation of fine-toothed, in the same feed per tooth for the quantity available to the higher feed rate. The blade can be repeatedly grinding, groove-rich, strong versatility. Tool management system

(5) Walter – (Walter Mulity),power supply transformer. new brand Walter – omni-directional (Walter Multiply) The overall service concept, the tool management is an important part. As an important component of the tool management system – Walter Tool Management Software (TMS) can clearly figure shows the current inventory, a single tool change cycle and accurate tool consumption. Personalized service of the tool management system components, including the tool supply system, supply management, the cost per part solutions and inventory optimization can be customized according to customers individual needs.
Automatic tool cabinet to more effective use of the tool management software to manage and integrated into all aspects of production. Automatic tool cabinets installed WalterEasySupply software can be used for all types of tool cabinet, including vending machines, chain bucket elevators and drawers. This new automatic tool cabinet is applicable to mass production, usually equipped with fast mobile devices (fast mover). Customers by placing the device in the production areas in various locations reason to shorten the round trip distance and machine downtime.