Chinese manufacturing prospects for exploration- Innovation is the way in transition

Chinese manufacturing prospects for exploration: Innovation is the way in transition

Chinese manufacturing prospects for exploration: Innovation is the way in transition

The current international economic situation is becoming increasingly complex, Chinas manufacturing industry is facing many challenges. At the same time, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the strategic position of the manufacturing industry, are committed to developing high-end equipment manufacturing, improve Chinas industrial competitiveness, in order to achieve a fundamental change in manufacturing from China to create China.

“12th Five-Year” period, China will be committed to high-end equipment manufacturing to cultivate to become a pillar industry of national economy, and then to achieve the transformation of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry, from large to strong. Sales output value of Chinas high-end equipment manufacturing industry in 2020 will account for three percent of the entire equipment manufacturing sales value.

Fourth China Manufacturing Forum around “innovation” and “high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing issues in-depth discussions. Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Soupault at the forum stressed that the so-called innovation-driven is to vigorously strengthen the independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness. In China to promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the efforts to solve the following three issues: first is to strengthen and enhance the industrial base capability. He disclosed that China many mechanical basis of life expectancy was only one-third of similar foreign products to two-thirds, such as industrial competitiveness in the world of power generation equipment manufacturing quality castings and forgings 80% to nine percent, accounting for nuclear power equipment investment of a quarter of the valve is still mainly rely on imports, in addition to over 90% of high-end CNC system to rely on imports, Chinas equipment manufacturing industry in the quality of domestically produced equipment, and short life can not be ignored. Secondly, to strengthen original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of the digestion and absorption of the organic combination of three innovative re-innovation. Finally, attach great importance to cultivate the market.

China Communications Construction Group Chairman Zhou Jichang said, from the international point of view, the depth of the impact of the financial crisis has caused a global economic slowdown. Chinas manufacturing industry is also facing deep pressure, low-end industry chain living space is rapidly shrinking, and the Chinese manufacturing industry is standing at the crossroads of the transformation and upgrading. Each of the economic crisis is associated with a new round of scientific and technological revolution, which could also contribute to the economy as a whole re-entering the new period of prosperity. He said that the sixth technology revolution toward us, it will be a good opportunity for Chinas manufacturing industry towards high-end industrial chain.

Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chen Jingwei that the State continue to adhere to the “12th Five-Year Plan Outline of” going out “strategy, also emphasized that the increase in” speed up “two characters. As of the end of 2011 in 178 countries and regions were set up in foreign direct investment enterprises 18000, the cumulative non-financial overseas direct investment of $ 322 billion. One can imagine, the Chinese manufacturing industry in the international road has made a good start. While to the present, although the energy and natural resources still dominate Chinas foreign investment, Chinas manufacturing sector also began to pay more attention to “go out”, so as to seek new development, which is an inevitable choice for Chinas manufacturing industry to adapt to the development of economic globalization , but also its fundamental need to change the development mode.