Chinas machine tool industry is imperative to grow stronger in the high-end CNC machine tools research and development

Chinas machine tool industry is imperative to grow stronger in the high-end CNC machine tools research and development

Chinas machine tool industry is imperative to grow stronger in the high-end CNC machine tools research and development

this stage, Chinas industrialization has just entered the strong development momentum of the medium-term development phase, coal, iron and steel, building materials, machinery,actuator valve. electronics, chemicals, real estate and other heavy industry, reserves for the CNC machine tool industry enormous opportunities for development. The machine tool industry in the 12th Five-Year “development plan” is to point out the problems of Chinas CNC machine tool industry and the situation facing.

at this stage in our market, the domestic mid-range of CNC machine tools market share is only 35%, more than 95 percent of the high-end CNC machine tools is mainly dependent on imports; product quality stability and reliability with the international advanced level there is still a large space for development. Excessive technological dependence lead to the support of industry, lack of high-tech industries lagging behind the development of independent innovation.

In addition,fringe cast. the rapid development of Chinas CNC machine tool industry, the overall strength of the continuously enhance the international status of the CNC machine tool industry to significantly improve the face of such tempting of China how can the market, CNC machine tools for power can be prohibitive; the return of manufacturing frenzy after the financial crisis, prompting a new round of high-tech support industrial restructuring opened. Complex domestic and international market environment, such as self-developed high-tech CNC machine tool industry and the enormous opportunities for development can only hand over wanted.

technological innovation is the driving force to support the structural adjustment also is a source of competitive advantage. Extremely scarce in our high-end CNC machine tool technology, foreign enterprises accounted for under the situation of a dominant market position in high-end CNC machine tool technology R & D is the situation required, nor is the inevitable choice of the “12th Five-Year Plan target.

First, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, to climb the international high-end market. Closed four oclock, the end of last year, Yang Li Group Heavy Machinery Company CASINO Europe and America advanced technology, independent research and development of J39-1360 multi-position heavy-duty presses exports in the world top 500 of the United States Electrolux Corporation. The device integrates a number of international advanced control technology and sensor technology, Internet connectivity, and network diagnosis and repair of the performance and the index reached the international advanced level.

implementation of independent innovation, develop high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, import substitution. Last year, Yang Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. has independently developed YL-34K-250-type CNC precision hydraulic press launch Shanghai Volkswagen to cover the parts manufacturer. The device uses both inside and outside the slider up and down hydraulic cushion combination of technology, with a large table, long stroke, high openings to ensure the stability of the workpiece, and significantly increase productivity and forming quality. At the same time, Yang force independent CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd. developed the TL3015 Three-dimensional laser cutting machine to become the first sets of double column gantry structure and full-flight hybrid optical technology developed, capable of three-dimensional cutting of metal structures, International advanced level three-dimensional axis CNC laser cutting machine.

third is to use modern technology to transform traditional equipment, and to promote industrial restructuring, to enhance market competitiveness. Through 40 years of hard work, Yang Li Group has been formed six series of presses, shears, bending machines, hydraulic presses, CNC punching, laser cutting machine, etc., over 600 varieties of forging equipment manufacturing system. In order to adapt to the new situation in international competition, to maintain the dominant position of the industry pacesetter in the past two years, Yang Li implementation of the 16 kinds of traditional products with modern technology to transform traditional products “116” project, the number one project and the potential for development.