Chinas lock industry with the desire to pioneer international private enterprise

Chinas lock industry with the desire to pioneer international private enterprise

Chinas lock industry with the desire to pioneer international private enterprise
In recent years, the stable development of our hardware lock industry, the growth rate of 15% per year, the annual output value reached 180 billion yuan more than the exports amounted to more than 8 billion U.S. dollars. Exports of light industry in China, about 1/3 arranged in the top three of the light industry. the the

understood, and now Chinas hardware industry, there are at least 95% of private enterprises, private enterprises became the main force of the development of the industry of hardware locks. On the other hand, the international hardware market, the developed countries in Europe and the United States due to the rapid development of production technology and labor prices, ordinary products produced in developing countries, only the production of high added value products, while China also has a strong market labor , hardware lock industry, the export processing zone countries. Industry the key to the healthy development of many hardware locks enterprises, survival and development of small and medium-sized private enterprises.

in the market and economic environment of globalization and integration, hardware locks industry in China is also facing fierce competition in the market. Especially in the financial and economic crisis sweeping the global environment, market competition is fierce, fierce price competition has flourished in the forward. As SMEs in the metal locks industry, how to find a way out? Survival is urgent to study and improve the place obtained in the competition.

from the origin and history of the locks, see Lock industry; from the lock industry, the current environment, look at the main strategy of the competition in the industry. The study method is the use of strategic management, global management, marketing management, management principles of economics, analysis of the characteristics of the hardware locks industry, SMEs, identify competitive strategy and the corresponding relationship of the relevant factors, looking for survival and development strategy, the formation of specific feasible sex program is recommended.

lock is a security product, it is well known, the species complex, between the grades, prices vary, the lock industry in China is still in a very backward state, and locks the average selling price is very low, the survey is only 1/15 of the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. Abroad, usually the price of a lock than door expensive, because the lock is the heart of the door. Very active foreign development of new varieties of locks,power supply ac to dc. many new materials, new technologies, new processes are constantly applied to the lock industry, the lock is a breakthrough mechanical spring lock mode to a more secure electronic lock direction of evolution. Although many of the advanced locks have been developed, but they were not to solve the problem of invisible installation of all locks are part of the device is exposed to the outside, lock the possibility of damage there is bound security issue has always been threatened.

due to the development of sound, light, machines, electrical, magnetic lock design has also undergone great changes, six in 1974,aluminium parts. the success of American Studies electronic lock circuit.

1985, the lock industry in the United States, Japan, the electronic lock sales accounted for 10% of the sales of various types of locks, the lock industry in Japan began full development electronic locks. Beginning in 1985, the electronic lock production surging, Yale Lock Factory in the United States, the European Group of Xisha, the Dome of the Federal Republic of Germany on behalf of the international system lock-making industry, has developed the electronic card lock, including ten a variety of electronic locks.

the early the

90, of nine manufacturers of electronic locks, electronic lock structure all of these manufacturers produce more along the roads of Europe and the United States locks imitation or slightly from restructuring, locks can still be opened by the key or password to open outside. In short, there is no out of the road of our own beyond the conventional lock. In China, the slide door lock picking the “thief” for those locks, and soon there is the way of deciphering, thieves can still break-ins.

door is a barrier to protect the family property, locks must overcome two drawbacks: First, a lock is exposed to the outside, Shi Pirates decipher objectives; bolt too short, can not stop thieves break with violence. Generally locks the two can not overcome the shortcomings of the patent after years of painstaking research, intelligent stealth lock was finally born in 1992, its main feature is acting inside and outside the door did not see the lock on the door keyhole can not find the installation location of the lock to lock the lateral static pressure can reach tens of thousands of Newton, which makes the facilities Pirates neither decipher the goal can not break the door, the gateway to ensure the safety of lifting the people to go and worry about . Locks series


present the production of a padlock, ball locks, bicycle and motorcycle locks, industrial locks, car locks, train locks, instruments of torture with locks , to commemorate the process locks, hotel locks, thousands of varieties, constitute our existing lock system. With the rapid development of science and technology, in particular, is widely used in microelectronic bio-IT in all walks of life, so that the lock industry is moving in the direction of high technical content, strong security. The late 1980s, the lock industry ushered in a new period of development, developers need to adapt to the development of other industries and peoples lives beautiful, mechatronic locks and matching for the hotel management at different levels, with a “black box” function advanced intelligent magnetic card, TC card, TM card locks and other locks.

In recent years, the emergence of fingerprint lock, he used the reliability, safety, convenience, and represents the most advanced level in the lock industry in China in the international a leading position. The product uses fingerprint vivo recognition technology, each lock can store more than 700 fingerprints, recent unlock 8000 records, identification speed is less than one second, voice-oriented operation is very simple, but also to avoid the traditional mechanical locks, identification card lock key loss and theft. Has been widely used in finance, insurance, hotels, office buildings, and equipment management and other occasions. And advanced biometric technology graft relative to the voice-activated lock, iris and face recognition access control systems, etc., have made outstanding contributions to improve peoples living standards, promote the development of other industries.