China mold Ningbo mold production and sales value of 38 billion

China mold Ningbo mold production and sales value of 38 billion

China mold Ningbo mold production and sales value of 38 billion

8th mold Fair opened as scheduled on the morning of May 24. The current severe economic situation does not seem to affect the enthusiasm of the exhibitors and buyers, and the recent central “dependable growth on the more important position,” the policy signals, as well as drum asymptotic fiscal and monetary policy, “a portfolio of mold as the mother of the manufacturing industry to upgrade all the more urgent.

terms of scale, the use of the the 8th mold of the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center 5 Museum and two in the hall pavilion Expo is undoubtedly Zhejiang Machinery The first exhibition of the industry. According to the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, more than 600 domestic and foreign exhibitors at the scene shows more than 800 of the most advanced machine tools, tools, molds, pneumatic components, hydraulic transmission brilliant, Rui Shi Xia Mi Er , Germany DMG, Japan Sodick and other big full debut. This is a reflection of Ningbo as a manufacturing center in the Yangtze River Delta market influence, and the industry as a mold appeal.


Ningbo mold production and sales turnover of 38 billion

mold manufacturing technology and equipment, also known as “the mother in the manufacturing sector, the industry agree that such a view: 74% of the rough industrial products, parts, 49 percent of the finishing parts, and the vast majority of plastics are molded by the mold.

“the importance of the mold, not only reflected in it is the basic industry of the national economy, involving machinery, automobile, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials various industries, and it is the important one of the high-tech industries. International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, Ningbo, China mold, Ningbo City, mold manufacturing more than 3,000 enterprises, of which more than 170 enterprises above designated size, up to 38 billion in sales last year. In recent years, Ningbo has a number of mold industry cluster area to accelerate the formation of large plastic mold, in Ninghai, Ningbo Beilun die-casting mold,pipe manufacturers. precision plastic mold of Yuyao, Cixi, home appliance mold, casting mold in Xiangshan, Yinzhou, auto parts mold, etc., the country has a decisive influence.

plastic mold: large-scale aspects of plastic mold, Ningbo capable of producing 34-inch large screen color TV molded case mold, and 10 kg capacity washing machine full set of plastic molds and car bumpers and overall instrument panel plastic mold; sophisticated plastic mold aspect, the production of rear projection TV optical lenses, precision mold and well-known international brands of lights die.


die casting: Ningbo casting mold prestigious in the country, Ningbo Xiangshan casting mold output value accounted for more than half of the country mold, the casting mold to see Xiangshan ” said. Ningbo casting mold accuracy tolerance of 0.05 mm, and life expectancy of more than 150,000 times. Mitsubishi 4G6 into the manifold, the casting mold of the “universal CAMI under into the gas manifold” China Mould Industry Association for the Evaluation of international standard mold.

die casting mold: As an important branch of the casting mold, die casting mold Ningbo has been rapid development of tolerance of accuracy up to 0.04 mm, die life up to 15 million times, for the famous product of the domestic and foreign automotive parts, gasoline engine, motorcycle engines, and electronic communications industry to provide support.


stamping die: the share occupied by the stamping die mold production in Ningbo City is improving, the Ningbo motor core carbide multi-station progressive die, set transfer core composite mode in the country mold industry reputation, the leading domestic level,cast aluminum patio. close to international standards.

powder metallurgy mold: Ningbo has the largest powder metallurgy machine parts manufacturing companies, and currently the most advanced CNC equipment, precision molds, up to tolerance of 0.01 mm, the life of more than 250 000 times the basic synchronization with international standards.

Ningbo, China mold, mold companies throughout the city in various counties (cities) and districts, China mold Association listed the top ten die, Ningbo can produce , especially plastic mold, casting mold, Die casting, powder metallurgy mold in the country has considerable influence. The mold is also faced with the pressure of the transformation and upgrading. A lot of mold production is low-end products, the production side there is the tendency of saturation, some of the mold companies in the expansion phase “that price” low-cost, low-denotative.

“die in industrial development with the leading and foundation status, from the industrial transformation and upgrading of the proposition in terms of Ningbo Mould industry one step ahead. Luo Baihui that Ningbo mold urgent need for rapid transformation and upgrading, to build the core competitiveness of enterprises and cultivate the inherent power of the industry to achieve the transition from large to strong.

high-end breakthrough grasp the core competitiveness

in the United States, the euro area and other major world economies The body of economic slowdown, the severe environment of reduced external demand, import and export volume of Ningbo City in April this year, both show a downward trend.

this market chill conduction to the mold industry. Ningbo mold the proportion of exports is low, but subject to the shrinking influence of downstream demand, the loss of some small and medium orders, some low-end enterprise into production difficulties.

but these market variables did not take the high road, formation of shocks. Founder Mould Co., Ltd. is one company responsible person thanks to three years ago, the transformation journey.

First of all market segments, reluctantly part to give up the appliance mold, to enter the automotive die, specializing in automotive steel door mold, rapid market acceptance.

The second measure is a technical success. Overcome the low pressure injection mold, as the few to have this technology enterprise, significant increase in orders, Founder mold this years expected sales of up to 200 million yuan more than last year more than 30%.

and Founder mold Yokogawa Mould Co., Ltd. is taking the high road. They overcome the nickel-chromium and a series of ultra-precision molds off, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, and orders overwhelmed.

best interest to mold into the smart windows and doors mold, the mold of the reputation of the Fortune 500 medical device companies to overcome the NMR core components of mold, these companies are by virtue of the technology innovation into the high-end market and found a sea of ​​blue.

proximity to snatch market discourse


car and auto parts industries in Ningbo City “ten one of the 25 focused on cultivating one hundred billion industry. With an annual output of Shanghai Volkswagen 300 000 Geely annual output of 220,000 vehicle project settled, plus the number of high-end auto parts enterprises in Korea Mando, France, Fuji Ya, USA Wei, WorldCom and other supporting, is expected to 2015, the auto industry output value of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area will exceed 100 billion yuan.

this door is the rise of the big market, Ningbo mold companies have devoted great enthusiasm. A model more than 4000 sets of molds, worth up to 200000000-300000000 yuan. Ningbo mold companies nearby supporting this great business opportunities.

car to change the type to see the body, body manufacturing rely on the mold, the mold has a direct impact on the development of the automobile industry. Ningbo mold Association Secretary-General said Linsen Mao, the Association will fully support qualified enterprises to enter Shanghai Volkswagen Ningbo base of the supplier park, the proximity and easier.

In addition to the door of business opportunities, the recent Central dependable growth on the more important position in policy signals, as well as 36.3 billion yuan of financial subsidies to leveraging the domestic market good, mold companies themselves. “Our product is a domestic and international markets, half and half expected the next step of the domestic market will continue to rise.

as a response to, the Sunny mold has been the market focus to domestic and from the product structure adjustment has been made, from the automotive exterior parts towards higher value-added function of mold, and a breakthrough to the new field of medical equipment.

multi-channel financing alleviate the funding shortage

This is a very interesting phenomenon: mold enterprises the more dynamic order of business, the more intense the desire for funds.

mold industrys cash flow of slightly better to become a supplier of the vehicle plant, or the funds withdrawn from circulation slow, seriously affecting the orders capacity. Southern Plastic Mold Company in 2009, voluntarily giving up a low-grade molds, specializing in large, sophisticated, high-grade mold annual sales doubled in the past three years. The first five months of this year, the company has sold 50 million yuan, equivalent to the level of last year. More than ten million yuan per year used in the technological transformation, limited liquidity, and now production can not keep the orders received. Compared with other industries, smaller “head” of the mold companies, financing channels are relatively simple, basically rely on the mortgage, pledge to bank financing, in terms of the financing on the scale or timeliness, are unable to meet the needs of enterprises.

For this reason, the recent news on the SME private equity debt floodgates, causing concern of the majority of SMEs. Many companies, will prepare materials, fight for the SME private debt taste in June this year, “head soup.