China foundry mold facing the development of opportunities

China foundry mold facing the development of opportunities

China foundry mold facing the development of opportunities

from the long-term development, the Chinese economy has maintained sustained growth, China mold growth in recent years by an average of 18% of the casting mold to the development of up to 25% growth China GPD average more than doubled in value in the future, the overall demand will be further growth in the casting mold.

casting mold enterprises to convert the mechanism, the development of specialized production, and enhance market awareness, and promote industrial structure adjustment of casting mold industry. In the past, under the planned economy, within the large enterprise with mold factory (workshop), manufacturing capabilities and strong technical force,siding a home. accounting for a substantial proportion of the output of domestic mold In addition to the small number of standard items purchased, the majority of the workload mold factory, resulting in the specialization, the low degree of standardization. Coupled by the constraints of the enterprise management system, mold manufacturing cycle, and can not meet the requirements of the market. Enter the wto, the Chinese casting mold industry is also gradually integrate into the world trade integration. Economic impact of the plan through a thorough reform eliminated this end, the degree of commercialization of the mold will greatly increase the pace of state-owned joint-stock reform will accelerate the development of private and individual enterprises, the corporate structure of the mold industry changed greatly .


International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui that mold industry, the socialization of large cooperation and specialization will strengthen effective measures to resist joining the impact of the WTO. Mold shop in the traditional enterprise as part of restructuring to become a new economic entity with independent accounting, and most will be phasing out, the more mold will embark on a professional road, to maintain our competitive edge expertise in product itself,china investment. and take designed and fine roads, in order to survive and develop in the competition. Standardization of the mold will be further implemented, mold standard parts production enterprises will be rapid development.

mold technology-intensive and labor-intensive combination of industry talents in China, with high levels of mold fitter technology, low labor costs. After you enter the wto, Chinas investment environment to further improve the foreign investment can enjoy national treatment, no longer be foreign-exchange balancing, export quotas, Chinas mold industry, there will be more joint ventures and foreign owned mold companies. At the same time, the relocation of manufacturing production sites in Japan, Singapore and China, Taiwan and other countries and regions showed an irreversible trend, more open to the mainland of China is a natural choice, mold companies is bound to follow.

mold production costs much lower than abroad, can not only reduce the import of the mold with the mold manufacturing technology to improve and improve the quality of, and may gradually develop the export market, to export more of the mold. After Chinas accession to wto, mold imports in the short term will continue to maintain growth momentum, the mold exports will have great development. Relative to Southeast Asia and Middle East countries, China mold technology, quality and price advantage, export prospects. Foreign companies into China, the mold resold and export will also become an important part of Chinese mold exports. Luobai Hui said that China has the big countries of the world casting, die casting industry in China in the innovation forward, China has formed a die-casting industry cluster mainly in the Yangtze River Delta region, Shandong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Guangdong and other places. These areas of the die casting industry gather to help create more opportunities for collaboration, training, finance, development, marketing, export to interact, to promote the development of the die casting industry, let us from achieving the casting power one step closer to dream .