China actively to build a photovoltaic power

China actively to build a photovoltaic power

China actively to build a photovoltaic power

Data show that the capacity of production of the five consecutive years the PV industry are the worlds first. At present, 20.4% of the maximum efficiency of monocrystalline silicon battery laboratory polysilicon cell efficiency of 17.5%. The thin film battery industry, 9% of the component efficiency of silicon thin film cadmium telluride component test the efficiency of 8%, 8% of the efficiency of copper indium gallium selenide components. High-power condenser efficiency of solar cells is about 40%, 28% of the components of effective condenser in multiples of 1090 times. The new battery has just started.

In photovoltaic power generation, as of the end of 2011, the national grid solar PV installed capacity of 2.143 million kilowatts, photovoltaic power generation in China last year to determine the benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt-hour per kilowatt-hour $ 1, the conventional energy costs more than doubled.

Although Chinas photovoltaic industry production capacity and output reached first in the world, But now, with the increase in domestic production capacity of photovoltaic products imported from abroad actually increased the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences vice Xu Honghua, director of analysis, which shows a low technological level of Chinas photovoltaic products, production efficiency is low. In addition, he pointed out that of crystalline silicon cells and thin-film battery production line and production line equipment factory, including some supporting materials also rely mainly on imports, this is our current inadequacies.

As regards the application of photovoltaic power generation technology, Xu Honghua and abroad, we are basically at the same level, but the country has not launched a large scale photovoltaic power generation market, so the layout of the photovoltaic systematic and The persistent gap with foreign advanced level. According to information on planning,

2015, Chinas solar power capacity reached about 5 million kilowatts of solar generating capacity in 2020 reached 25 million kilowatts. To achieve this purpose, said Xu Honghua,mold health. based on our existing technology base and demand, “National Energy Technology” 12th Five-Year Plan “to set development goals for studying low-cost, low pollution, high efficiency solar cell technology, the development of photovoltaic The power generation system large-scale application of technology; master different types of photovoltaic power generation system design integration, operation, control and protection technology. Efficient large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation, the layout of a large-scale PV systems, solar cells, and the industrial chain of production equipment, large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic systems demonstration projects, solar photovoltaic power generation system key equipment for the four key tasks. Xu Honghua believe that it will comprehensively improve the domestic level of Chinas solar photovoltaic technology and products, the formation of the key technologies and key equipment with independent intellectual property rights, the establishment of complete solar photovoltaic research and development, equipment manufacturing, system integration, project construction, the system operation and maintenance and other technical services of the industry chain system.

In addition, the complementary power generation system can ease the large-scale wind farms and large-scale photovoltaic power plants alone and grid impact of wind / photovoltaic / storage, the promotion of wind power and photovoltaic power generation scale application of great significance. Set development goals based on our existing technology base and needs, planning for the integration of autonomous running water / light / storage hybrid generating design, new inverter, energy storage control, stability control and energy management technology, as well as with the public power grid and grid-connected wind / light / storage design integrated and comprehensive utilization of complementary power generation technology.