Broad market prospects of Chinas auto parts casting

Broad market prospects of Chinas auto parts casting

Broad market prospects of Chinas auto parts casting

die casting industry is the important one of the support industry and the automotive industry, has been closely related to the development of the car.

the rapid development of automobile industry in recent years led to the rapid expansion of the die casting market, and given its broad prospects for development. Now, with the development of automobile manufacturing technology, die casting is also facing new technical challenges, the structure of the die casting industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

die-casting a wide range of applications, involving a considerable number of product areas and industry categories. In all these applications, the terms of the number, variety, and the strict requirements of high quality and large the amount of metal material in the aggregate, it should be the most important automotive industry.

“The auto industry a long time, retaining its position as the largest market of die-casting industry in recent years, the development of Chinas automobile industry constantly pulling the die casting industry has entered a new period of development. “International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, with the potential release of Chinas auto market, the forward center of gravity of the world auto industry shift to China, Chinas auto parts casting broad market prospects. Chinas vehicle output is expected to reach 15 million in 2015,wrought iron wrought iron. the average price of 120,000 yuan price, the entire vehicle component parts is generally around 80,000 yuan, the new Nissan supporting parts casting size of the market in 2011 reached 88 billion, in 2015 reached 1.power supply cord.2 trillion yuan.

At present, Chinas foundry production development of the situation in the doldrums, but the development of relevant industries are in full swing, which provides a potential market for the development of foundry industry demand, Luo Baihui casting enterprises should vigorously casting casting related to key areas of industry, market development, to seek a larger target market and development space. Aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries are the focus areas of the foundry industry development industry focus docking industry is casting industry development needs of the market, speed up and strengthen its efforts to expand the demand for these industries, identify the sale channels for casting products, promote the development of casting production, casting rapid development of industry.

believe that with the gradient transfer of Chinas auto industry, auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan of implementation, motor vehicles and auto parts casting industry will accelerate the development. This will cast the development of the industry provide a strong impetus.