Beijing exhibitors benefit from unlimited – Shanxi the Zezhou people to participate in the feelings of the -Eleventh China International Foundry Fair                                

Beijing exhibitors benefit from unlimited – Shanxi the Zezhou people to participate in the feelings of the “Eleventh China International Foundry Fair                                

Beijing exhibitors benefit from unlimited – Shanxi the Zezhou people to participate in the feelings of the “Eleventh China International Foundry Fair                                

2012 in May 9-12 Cuishou An Zezhou County county party secretary, Deputy Mayor Jane Lee root, led by the County Development and Reform Commission, economy, trade, finance, small and medium-sized enterprises and metalworking casting Qing Hui manufacturing, Lobo, aluminum wheels and other enterprises, participated in by China Foundry Association sponsored by the Eleventh China International Foundry Fair “and” The Fifth China casting parts Exhibition “. The exhibition of the total exhibition area of ​​over 100,000 square meters, 1375 exhibitors of 31 countries and regions show large-scale, rich in content, casting a landmark development Exhibition.

In this exhibition, Zezhou County won the “Chinas foundry industry gathering area of ​​the pilot counties; metalworking casting industry, general manager Wang Yin-Hua First National “women cast the advanced workers”; enterprises in the citys seven countries identified cast iron enterprise “plaque; Metalworking Group, Qing Hui, manufacturing, Xingda castings, and other three companies get the title of” Outstanding Casting;: Qing Hui manufacturing, metal Group, the Xingda casting, the East Meyer Steel sets and other companies high-quality casting products quality, appearance impressed the country merchants of Germany, Italy, the United States, Spain, and reached cooperation intention. As an exhibition organizer and full participants, combined with the actual situation of the foundry industry in our city, and talk about their feelings.

1 know where “good”
exhibition is competitive field, is a much attention by the global foundry industry and downstream industries, casting new equipment, new materials, new technologies, quality products arena, colorful, flowers are blooming! In addition to more than 30 county delegation to participate in the Qing Hui organized a 17-person team involved in other aspects of quality, technology, equipment, materials, marketing, metalworking Group more than 10 teams participated in the entire show activities, Hing up the company three batches of 10 people to the show to watch, Xin Global, sharp tin, autumn, macro record source, Kirin, Century and other technology, equipment, marketing staff have participated in the exhibition. In addition, the citys weep, Fuchuan, Shun the world, Xinyuan, health, cattle and other companies have been organized to show to observe and learn. Statistics, the city to participate, visit the show about 120 people. An exchange exhibition for enterprise learning platform to make our business really opened his eyes, and long experience, know the “good” there, for those interested in the enterprise aimed at the class level to provide a good learning opportunity.

2 European and American foundry industry to accelerate the transfer of the
Europe and the United States foundry industry has become a trend to shift to China, which is a huge opportunity, economic weakness in Europe, but also accelerated this shift. At present this shift generally divided into two steps, one preliminary study, the next product orders, business co-operation. Second, on the basis of confidence-building joint venture and cooperation and set up factories. Session contact with an Italian consulting firm, to discuss the overall relocation of the foundry. Good casting products,cast silicone. good casting companies are to become an image of the region.

companies should organize their own contingent of foreign trade, should have the courage, the courage to go out
this Zezhou Pavilion Hall is booming, lively and inseparable from several competent foreign trade personnel, small Yan Qing Hui Hu General Manager Zhao, metalwork Group Wang Jinlu manager, sharp tin the enterprises foreign reception task is completed, take the initiative and foreign merchants to the Hall to talk or publicity Zezhou, or to help other companies to negotiate commerce. May is affected by the economic crisis, to come of this exhibition, foreign businessmen, but the basic no translation or a large state people a translation, four are the translation of our showroom, coupled with the show Jincheng Fuji Companys foreign trade staff of help We have gained a great Italian merchants during the exhibition to the metalworking Corporation were investigated, and reached cooperation intention; American merchant will direct the product mold to the Qing Hui manufacturing company, and allow enterprises to pilot production. To summarize learning Jincheng Fuji conduct of foreign trade, Qing Hui, Shanxi manufacturing in Shanghai to set up a trading company experience, companies should have the courage to go out and brave enough to go out.

4 companies have the characteristics of the level of equipment to have expertise.air check valve. Have and customers jointly developed product awareness
the session, the Jincheng the Xingda casting company high-pressure multi-contact tide sand production line, it caused many people concerned about the expertise of the production line in brackets, box-type products, and resin sand line production than First, the production of high efficiency, low production costs, the third is less harmful to the environment, a great advantage in the production of special products . Qing Hui alkali phenolic cast steel production, liquid die forging production line because of their unique expertise caused the merchants of considerable attention. In addition, this exhibition reflects a trend, casting enterprises to closer cooperation with upstream customers to carry out joint research and development, broaden the field of the use of casting products.

5 products to do
show is like a collective blind date good, refined products, it will bring more customers, a good product will be able to reflect the level of your business equipment, the detection level and management level. See words such as see people show the effect, compared to the excellent exhibition hall and exhibition hall fine art of casting products, we also need a greater effort, the task is still very great.

6 to speed up the casting products trading center platform
2012 On the morning of May 9, Wang Qingxian mayor came to the county exhibition in the county casting products trading hub booth to listen to the trading center construction planning report, smelting foundry industry as Zezhou County is the citys traditional pillar industry After years of development, has emerged a new group of the level of equipment, good economic returns, high technology, market and competitive scale enterprises. In the distribution center project to co-ordinate current and long-term, to do planning in advance, a development perspective, thinking ahead to conduct scientific planning, orderly way. Out of Zezhou out of Jincheng to do things, the trading center made a critical mass of excellent casting of the Central Plains Enterprises, the center of the outstanding casting products, do a good job casting companies, casting products, release information, product trading, product development, technology promotion, product testing, and logistics platform, never closing of the exhibition, to take full advantage of the trading centers resources and brought together, accelerating the casting industry cluster development, and strive to Zezhou to create the casting industry for the province and the national first-class base.

by participating in the exhibition, casting enterprises in our city to do prison basis, adhere to the characteristics of enterprise development level, the grade scale. fundamentally change the casting enterprises in our city overall quality and level is not high, high energy consumption, weak R & D capabilities, lack of talent, disorderly competition and many other issues, accelerating the citys foundry industry bigger and stronger, to do good, to speed up traditional smelting foundry transition to the modern equipment manufacturing.

exhibition is the industry benchmark, will lead the citys foundry industry continued to flourish and make new contribution. (Culture and Media Center Edit)