Baiyun aluminum and aluminum base and accelerating projects

Baiyun aluminum and aluminum base and accelerating projects

Baiyun aluminum and aluminum base and accelerating projects


Baiyun aluminum and aluminum base workers working overtime to install machines

room and board in the front line service in the front line, the issue of coordination in the front line, problem-solving in the front line, which is the Baiyun District Park Office Project Specialist tab.

in promoting the white clouds of aluminum and aluminum base construction process, Baiyun District, introduced the system of “Project Authority” first “dry putting the word spelling, & rdquo ; as the starting point and purpose, to carry forward and be tolerant to diversity, passion across the “white spirit, accelerating the construction of park projects, and achieved remarkable results.

the to move the aluminum deep processing field

Since the plant since Guizhou Aluminum Plant, the plant produced aluminum ingots are sold the field. Baiyun people have been looking forward to the day, place of deep processing on aluminum ingot, this dream lasted nearly half a century. In December 2010, 150,iron ore mine.000 tons of aluminum with the project groundbreaking in white clouds of aluminum and aluminum base. The landing of the project, means that the Baiyun people for many years the dream can be achieved.

The project is the aluminum power capacitors, billet aluminum foil strip-based products, with annual output of aluminum with 150,000 tons and a variety of high value-added product design and production capacity. The project covers an area of ​​240 mu, with total planned investment of 700 million yuan. Up to now, the accumulated investment of 350 million yuan, of which 150 million yuan of investment in equipment, for the procurement of casting machine, cold rolling mill, online in addition to air filtration devices, melting furnace, holding furnace; plant construction investment 95 million yuan. Currently, the project is a two factories are all completed, 1,2 casting machines and other equipment have been delivered to the project site, 1,2 melting furnace is being installed to debug.

six months to erect the four plant

Aluminium project of the

Guizhou Aluminum City, is specialized in aluminum fluoride waste harmless and resource recycling technology research and production of high-tech private enterprises. The project covers an area of ​​50 acres, with total planned investment of 220 million yuan.

The project broke ground on December 5, 2011. According to reports, in order to accelerate the pace of corporate production, the three companies responsible for plant construction to the province to build a day to put into the construction site 300 workers, the implementation of “three shifts, 24 hours of cross-operation in just six months to complete 100 million yuan investment. Currently, the project plant construction is completed, has ordered 20 million yuan, four sets of intermediate frequency electric furnace systems, homemade installation Lake made 24 sets.rotary seal. No. 1 plant are prepared to invest 30 million yuan, the purchase of carbon roasting fused system, as well as the distillation of molding equipment.

one to one “Project Specialist

This year on May 3,

responsible for contacting the 150,000 tons of aluminum with the project Project Specialist, understand the corporate existence of the problem of shortage of funds in promoting the project construction process, immediately after the situation reported to the Baiyun District. Informed of the situation, Baiyun District borrowed from high-tech zones invest 20 million yuan to help businesses tide over difficulties.

In order to speed up the construction of aluminum and aluminum base for the purpose of the Baiyun District Park Office “all around the project transferred all around the project to dry, all the project, all focus on the project, all services in the project, all subject to the project “work ethic, and change the means of the service, improve service quality, and strive to achieve” zero defect “service. Commissioner for the project is one of the means of the Baiyun District Based Industrial Park launched innovative.

the base for all project package to implement the project Commissioner Paul accountability, coordination difficulties and problems encountered in the process of dealing with projects by the Commissioner of the project “one to one” responsible to coordinate with relevant departments to solve business in the process of business registration, project approval, the difficulties and problems encountered in the environmental assessment, planning and approval of administrative licensing procedures; assist enterprises to develop projects to promote the plan and supervise the implementation; and grasp the progress of enterprises to build, problems in the process of building the first time to the site for the enterprise to provide services; project Commissioner enterprises under daily working hours shall not be less than half a day, and do practical things for the enterprise; can not be resolved within the purview shall promptly report led to the park. never let a problem “overnight”, cadres of all packages Paul volunteered to be “room and board in the front line service in the forefront, the issue of coordination in the first-line, problem-solving in the front line. “

At present, the base the introduction of a variety of projects 18, of which 150,000 tons aluminum plate with three key projects in Guizhou Aluminum, Aluminum, Guizhou, China Branch will serve as visit the point of the second round of the project construction site to observe.