Aluminum industry, special research- Problems and Resolutions

Aluminum industry, special research: Problems and Resolutions

7 13 am, Tsinghua international news spread of the 2011 master class teachers and students and his party came to four Pingguo County Aluminum related businesses, and special investigations of the aluminum industry.

in aluminum Guangxi Branch of the work of party committees, vice director of Yangyong Zhao introduced the profits of the company over the years < / p>

the Pingguo Xianjingmaoju Secretary agricultural Huafu, accompanied by teachers and students in order to visit a the Pingguo Ph.D. magnesium and Cable Co., Ltd., aluminum Guangxi Branch, flat Aluminum Group, copper and aluminum mill fruit of peace in Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd. office and production plant, and to carry out discussions with representatives of 10 enterprises, to understand the current development status of the local aluminum industry and the problems faced, especially in the economic downturn the context of each company on how to take a series of coping strategies to out of the woods.

Pingguo Xianjingmaoju Secretary in the forum of teachers and students and 10 business representatives. time to answer students questions

The 2008 financial crisis, we rely on technological innovation and improved management tools, reducing the cost of aluminum in the Guangxi branch of the work of party committees, vice director of Yangyong Zhao said. He mentioned, and aluminum as a high-energy-intensive industries, the financial crisis, profit margins have been further reduced.

flat aluminum group copper and aluminum mill Chen introduced to the students how the company find the aluminum industry, referred to the development of a way out “to introduce the most advanced equipment.” and the transfer of industry to upgrade.

subsequent forum, students mention a lot of industrial electricity, aluminum work environment, and aluminum industries the future development direction of the problem. In order to facilitate the students you business representatives focused interviews, 15 minutes after the start of the forum, each group students according to the different direction of topics on behalf of related companies, sound recording and video interviews.

“I usually paid little attention to news of the aluminum industry, but this time into the workshop, plus listen to the enterprise on behalf of discussion, I feel very fruitful. Student Guo Xiao said in the interview finished the Pingguo Ph.D. aluminum-magnesium and Cable Co., Ltd. Management Minister Zhou Yu.