700W solid metal laser cutting machine was born in the Han dynasty laser

700W solid metal laser cutting machine was born in the Han dynasty laser

700W solid metal laser cutting machine was born in the Han dynasty laser
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laser machining in recent years has been in a stage of rapid development, but the economic crisis in 2008 gave the people a deeper level of thinking, before the generally optimistic about the power laser cutting machine is no longer the only indicator of the industry to pursue. On the contrary, to meet the processing needs, and production unit to maximize energy-saving laser cutting machine, increasingly has been welcomed by the market.

now, laser processing has become the main areas of application of laser technology, especially in the automobile industry,http://www.china-steel-parts.com. shipbuilding, semiconductor and micro- the electronics industry for a variety of metal materials for processing. Although the development of the domestic laser processing industry is lagging behind, but as the global manufacturing focus towards the transfer of China, the domestic processing equipment will be gradually upgraded, will be more rapid development of laser processing industry. Efficiency the first place.

The Han laser recently launched a LY DH3015YAG (700W export-oriented) laser cutting machine (left) the device was released very popular market sought after. Below by a 700W device for the majority of customers introduced by the the Han laser left Mao Ying 600W equipment What are the advantages:

1 kerf of good quality, small deformation, the appearance of smooth, beautiful.
2, cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance.
3, imported servo motor and oriented transmission, high precision cutting.
4, using professional software are free to design real-time processing of a variety of graphics or text, processing flexibility, simple operation, convenient.
5, the laser beam is easy to realize the time or space spectrophotometric order processing multi-beam processing or multi-station. The same machine can not only cut, but also laser welding.

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