2012 sensor industry development impact factor analysis

2012 sensor industry development impact factor analysis

2012 sensor industry development impact factor analysis

future technology, MEMS technology, micro and nano technology will continue to mainstream manufacturing technology of the sensor. MEMS processing technology has been basically mature, how to further improve the MEMS process design capabilities, how to make the existing MEMS technology as soon as practical, the key issues to be solved.

In the applications market, sustainable development in the automotive market, medical market, the applications of MEMS products to further expand, in particular, is widely used in the field of consumer electronics, for its pioneering a huge market. Such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, game consoles and digital camera market momentum is strong, driven by substantial growth in sales of MEMS devices and sensor market.

Next few years,cast iron gates. smart phones and automotive electronics will be the two main markets for MEMS applications. Phone and tablet computer, motion sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes,door gasket seal. pressure + compass) will become the most popular technology. In recent years, the sensor market in China has maintained sustained growth, the 2011 market continues to move forward more than 15 percent growth rate.

2012, the sensor market will continue to MEMS technology, micro and nano technology, network technology to the mainstream as a major application market to the automotive, consumer electronics, medical, high-end applications further increase R & D efforts on their own core technology, expanding the practical application in the Internet of Things, with the help of Things of this development opportunity, take off the sensor industry by leaps and bounds.