2012 pneumatic tool industry development

2012 pneumatic tool industry development

2012 pneumatic tool industry development

pneumatic tools market in the country, the number of sales of domestic pneumatic tools accounted for 90% of the total sales, and a variety of imported brands, while only 10% market share. Foreign pneumatic tool market, manufacturing an expanding, China has become the worlds pneumatic tools production base.

start manufacturing and pneumatic technology research and application of lagging behind in China, but over the past decade a lot of development. Pneumatic tools with high-quality, Xialing life,link seals. high-speed, high output power and high accuracy characteristics, so the promotion of pneumatic technology used in various industrial parts, and produced display significant benefits. Follow the development trend of the mechanical and electrical integration technology, in order to make the micro-computer, program-controlled pneumatic system composed of mechanical and electrical integration, and the cylinder, pneumatic original low power, small size and light in the direction of development.

of the rapid development of the pneumatic system also led to the development of pneumatic tools, more and more businesses are optimistic about the pneumatic tool market, on the one hand, lies in its technical requirements are relatively high,china.com. the largest sector products imported from the countries of the United States, Germany, Japan, the majority of the hardware city field products are mainly produced in Taiwan. Followed at home and produced technological advances, some enterprises like Wenzhou, Shanghai have introduced a pneumatic tool products. And the use of pneumatic tools is very broad, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian and other coastal provinces, the assembly industry, mechanical industry, transport, and Yong Kang scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycle assembly auto repair shop and some assembly line homework businesses and manufacturers have to use a pneumatic tool.

pneumatic tools for use with power tools, or even using them to facilitate more than power tools, it has a body small size, long life, safety, and they could save energy and other strengths. Overall, its varieties and specifications of more complete, if the wind chisel, gun drilling, polishing machine, impact wrench. These pneumatic tools are widely used in adverse power tools will be used in place, such as carpentry, locksmithing, gas stations, chemical industry and so on. Thus, followed at home and produced the technology continues to progress and mature, pneumatic tools, the development of the road will be wider and wider!

Our country is big country of production and export of hardware tools, which, in the global sales of power tools, the vast majority of our production and export, I had has become the worlds major electric tool vendors. Although the hardware and tools industry in China a larger scale, but because of the weak capacity of technological innovation, market structure over a single, brand influence is weak and other factors, many hardware tools manufacturing enterprises often lack the core competitiveness, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger.