2012 latent goal specified in the export of power tools in China

2012 latent goal specified in the export of power tools in China

2012 latent goal specified in the export of power tools in China
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power tools, portable use to facilitate and produce more efficient, low power consumption from the industry, widely used to develop family subsistence indispensable homework tools. At present, China is certainly the worlds leading power tools exporter, but still have great export potential and the potential target market.

high technical content, the function of the demanding industry with professional power tools in Europe and the United States is still a large latent market

industrial countries in the economically developed regions, such as Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, France and other European regions, the North American region, the United States, Canada, the Asian region, Japan and other countries in homework power tools very common, accounting for about 50% to 70% of the total output of electric tools in the product markets of these countries and regions, household power tools have a large share of industry produced using professional power tools in these areas The export volume is not large. Industry, high technology content of professional power tools, safety, electromagnetic compatible demanding, and have delineated the function, efficiency, reliability, durability, price is several times more than similar DIY tools, even more than 10 times, a variety of professional power tools are well-known brand in the international arena, such as Hilti, Bosch, Metabo Hammer, Black & Decker drill, Makita planers and other woodworking tools, century, circular saws, etc..

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power tools in China export volume accounts for sales of power tools in the world, but about 20 percent of export value accounted for only total sales,shaft seals. the main reason is that our electric tools manufacturing industry has not yet created their own brands in the international market, especially with professional power tools industry, is generally given a license to produce (OEM), plus non-standard market competition in the domestic enterprises, export prices getting lower and lower. For example, in 2001, the uniform price of the export of power tools for $ 12.72 / set, while the export of foreign-funded enterprises uniform price of $ 18.74 / power tools uniformity of the entrance price of $ 45.94 / China in the advancement of product technology, development of industrial power equipment products, to create their own well-known brand, is bound to expand markets, create greater value for money.

developing countries and less developed economies of household power tools (DIY) latent target market

power tools in the less developed or backward Third World country family is relatively small. Followed by economic development, the progress of the material and cultural level, family subsistence use of electric tools will gradually increase. Power tools such as the Asian region, China exported to Asian countries market share year after year growth in 2003 and 2002 compared, an increase of 2.6 percent. Therefore, the domestic electric tools in developing countries and countries with economies in less developed countries the potential market is enormous.