2012 large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment industry hot spot for investment research and analysis

2012 large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment industry hot spot for investment research and analysis

2012 large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment industry hot spot for investment research and analysis

Buffett admit contact the manufacturer of huge trading agricultural potential targets

Warren Buffett may be a large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers to produce a strong interest in . During the annual meeting, Buffett said recently he almost reached a sum of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars of M & A transactions, but in the end because the price is not Tanlong regret to give up.

As Berkshire chairman Warren Buffett said, he gave up because the price potential acquisition of a sum of about $ 22 billion.reducer valve. “The transaction can not do,” Buffett said, “We could not reach an agreement.”, He added that transaction, if made, he would have to sell part of that he did not want to sell securities.

Buffett is seeking to improve the rate of return of the hands of large amounts of cash through mergers and acquisitions. As of March 31, Berkshire cash account has been increased to $ 37.8 billion. Buffett has cash to maintain a level of more than $ 20 billion, to ensure the liquidity of its assets.

The outside world interested in, yes, yes what a company can make Warren so tempted even have to reluctantly sell some stocks to buy this company. However, Buffett did not disclose the name of this potential acquisition target company.

Bloomberg recently done a statistical study in accordance with the standards of Buffett, Buffetts recent takeover offer for the business may be involved in the 24 large enterprises, which bear the brunt of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer Deere , as well as the production of industrial glues,china manufacture. adhesives German Henkel.

Berkshire in 2010 once the high price of $ 34 billion acquisition of the nations second-largest rail operator Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Corporation. However, Buffett said during the just-concluded general meeting of shareholders of Berkshire history of the largest M & A record will be broken.

Some analysts believe that Deere and Henkel in size similar to the North Burlington, and also to meet the standards mentioned in the annual report of Berkshires acquisitions.

“Buffetts problem is every one of us hope that the problems encountered, he has too much cash, U.S. fund company Highmark Capital Management fund manager Todd said,” He can not only do a small business. “

Todd Deere and Henkel have a” high-quality assets, the dominant market share and very reasonable valuation “, which are meet Buffett are looking for characteristics. ”

In Buffetts list of potential acquirers, the generator manufacturer Cummins, which is the worlds largest independent engine manufacturers, product lines, including diesel and alternative fuel engines, the engine key zero components and power generation systems.

Buffett has also said that he is Asian looking for more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, Berkshires reinsurance and Iscar fabricated metal products Works well in Asia. Buffett said he may have in Korea, Japan, and you can think of any place in Asia to carry out new investment in the company at the annual meeting of the 5th. Buffett, last years visit to South Korea, Japan and India, and visited China in 2010.