2012 diamond drill bit supporting enterprise development factors

2012 diamond drill bit supporting enterprise development factors

oil and gas exploration and production capital spending accelerated. 1) of 2012 global oil exploration expenditure increased significantly. The Iran issue, one after another of the local crude oil production hit its lowest level since 2002, international oil giants to increase exploration and exploitation of other areas to compensate for the adverse effects of Irans. According to Barclays Capital, the company expects 2012 global oil and gas companies in spending on exploration and mining projects will set a new record global oil exploration expenditures will increase by 20 percent, reaching $ 90 billion in scale; 2) domestic shale gas development speed . presided over the 12th Five-Year Development Plan of the convening of shale gas in Beijing on June 25, a) National Energy Board Secretary Liu Tienan implement the meeting, the national policy in the future will tend to the support of this is related to energy structure adjustment of industry; b) in 2012 shale gas two tender is expected in July, the bidding companies to dramatically increase more than 70 companies have been expressions of interest, the first tender of only six state-owned enterprises; c) The State Development and Investment Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Chongqing Municipality on June 26 SDIC will invest 30 billion yuan in Chongqing, the shale gas exploration,sealing compound. development, use; d) The Sinopecs first shale gas production capacity of the construction project was launched in May this year, and strive to 2013 built one billion cubic meters in Fuling an annual production capacity; e-) As of March 22 this year, PetroChina Southwest Oil Company has produced 5.8 million cubic meters of shale gas, and the first test the water for commercial.

diamond drill bit supporting enterprises will directly benefit. In the global oil and gas production workload, about 60 percent completed by the diamond drill bit; in the exploration part,melting aluminium. due to higher drilling rate requirements, a higher proportion of the use of diamond drill. Therefore, the speed direct positive diamond drill oil and gas exploration and production capital expenditures and its related companies. Polycrystalline Diamond Compact drill materials, domestic listed companies, the Quartet reached the Yellow River cyclone, the powder is a key raw material for production of composite films, domestic listed companies Henan diamond.

co-current valuation levels, is strongly recommended that the cyclone the Henan diamond, the Yellow River, and recommended the Quartet reached. 1) Henan diamond this year, single crystal, micronized business will exceed market expectations, with the powder in the application of super-hard nature of the constant penetration and thermal conductivity applications continue to expand, is enormous room for future development; 2) of the Yellow River cyclone in the second half of the year capacity release period will enter the additional project (pre-alloyed binder projects, mining PDC project), and inject new impetus to the companys growth; 3) Four of the leading of the domestic production of polycrystalline composite films high-end composite film of oil. The large size of the tool-chip and other products in the market to promote steady progress. June 27 closing price, Henan diamond Huanghe Whirlwind 2012 PE less than 20 times, it is strongly recommended. Industry and company details, please refer to the report: “the diamond industry chain investment analysis report,” powder, World “.