2011 top 100 machinery industry, the automotive industry 30 strong list released

2011 top 100 machinery industry, the automotive industry 30 strong list released
China Machinery Industry Federation, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, on the 25th released the 2011 top 100 machinery industry, the automotive industry 30 list. Machinery Industry 100 the top three for the China National Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Weichai Holding Group Co.power supply for motherboard., Ltd., Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation. The auto industry 30 strong top three for the Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation, China FAW Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Corporation.
It is understood that the production scale and economic benefits of the 2011 Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprise to a new level. The main business income of 100 companies totaled 1.5403 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.56%; total profit of 102.4 billion yuan, an increase of 8.70%, an increase of more than 2010 have a larger drop.
In machine Alliance Executive Vice President Cai Ci, the growth rate was down in 2011 the machinery industry of major economic indicators, but can be seen that the performance of the inventory of machinery hundred companies, competitive enterprises The amount of growth are to maintain a good momentum of development. Hundred in 87 companies main business income of the different rate of growth, of which 59 double-digit growth.
Affected by various factors, the profit of a small number of large enterprises of the machinery industry experienced a negative growth hundred individual in previous years due to the loss failed to enter the 2011 top 100. Distribution from the industry, hundred enterprises in the electrical appliances industry accounted for 31, to continue the first place; 15 petrochemical general machinery industry, construction machinery industry for 14 points in second and third. From the regional distribution hundred enterprises in the eastern region accounted for 69, 16 of the central region, the western region 15. Hundred enterprises in domestic enterprises 90
from the corporate types, including 31 state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, 59 foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 10. Which private enterprise development, the fastest, followed by state-owned enterprises. According to reports, the development of machinery industry in the past year, the number of private enterprises have become an important pillar of one of the forces that promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.molding clay.
2011 was selected the top 30 enterprises in the automobile, including 22 automobile manufacturing companies, three car parts and accessories manufacturing companies, five motorcycle manufacturing enterprises. The automotive industry 30 main business revenue reached 2.7401 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.84%, a profit of 245.448 billion yuan, an increase of 9.55%.
Cai Wei-Tze said, can be seen through the inventory, machinery, automobile industry, large enterprises the number of enterprises in the industry, the proportion of employees is not high, but the main business income and profits accounted for is obviously much larger proportion of the industry; machinery, automotive industry, large enterprises to accelerate the rise of industry concentration further improved; At present, the machinery industry continues to forge ahead, growth is still good, especially the main business income of more than 10 billion yuan large enterprises increased rapidly, and only three in 2003, reached 67 in 2011.
Cai Wei-Chi also said that the industrial scale of Chinas machinery industry is now the largest in the world market share at home and abroad continue to expand auto production and sales for three consecutive years the worlds first mechanical hundred cars Top 30 finalists threshold is getting higher and higher, but to speed up structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, efforts to crack the Chinese enterprises “by the” problem.
It is understood that the top 100 machinery industry auto industry 30 strong contest held the 8th. Collection and dissemination of machinery, automobile and corporate annual reports, designed to reflect the process of growth of Chinas equipment manufacturing enterprises to continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness, and help the community development performance and prospects of Chinas machinery, automobile industry, the machine together The assessment predicted that improving the social cognitive machinery, large enterprises in the automotive industry to facilitate the balance of power and similar enterprises.